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Gain access to strategies that help minimize taxes, reduce risk, and generate income regardless of the market.

What You Will Receive During Your Complimentary Consultation with Us

  • Third-Party Portfolio Analysis
  • Retirement Income Gap Analysis
  • Social Security Maximization Report

  • Financial Plan to Your 95th Birthday with Your Current Asset Allocation

  • Financial Plan to Your 95th Birthday with Our Recommended Portfolios & Strategic Roth Ladder Conversion Plan

What You Will Learn:

  • How to reduce the fees you are paying now with your retirement portfolio
  • How to delete the IRS from your retirement accounts
  • How to calculate your retirement income gap or surplus
  • How to generate income during retirement that you can never outlive
  • How to protect and grow your hard-earned and hard-saved assets
  • How to gain access to specialized financial and insurance products typically available through only select private wealth management firms
  • How to maximize your Social Security benefit.

Retirement Results is a television and radio show presented by the Active Wealth Management team of fiduciary advisors. Ford, Matt and Sam air weekly shows in Atlanta, Huntsville and Columbus — we are happy to help our listeners and viewers with their retirement planning needs.

Investment Advisory Services Offered by Brookstone Capital Management, an SEC Registered Adviser. BCM and Active Wealth are independent of each other. Insurance products and services are not offered through BCM, but are offered and sold through independently licensed and appointed insurance agents.