How to Protect Your Buying Power in Retirement

On this week’s show, Ford and Sam share some tips to help you protect your buying power from inflation as you navigate retirement. In this episode, you will also hear an example of how we recently helped a listener in our Problem Solver of the week. Plus, we debut an all-new segment to celebrate special retirees. 

Sunny Money: How to Improve Your Financial Outlook this Summer

This week, Ford and Sam offer valuable tips and strategies to help you improve your financial outlook this summer. Plus, we share a problem solver of the week and some important things you will want to do once your nest egg reaches $500,000 to better protect and grow your hard-earned money. 

Beat the Bank CDs and Build a Better Retirement

On this week’s episode, Ford shares some key inflation data that was recently released before welcoming Vertical Vision’s Josh Lumme to discuss the best bank cd alternatives and personal pension solutions for your retirement plan. 

How to Create a Super Personal Pension for Your Retirement

Ford Stokes and Sam Davis discuss how the right kinds of annuities can give you both cashflow and cash value throughout your retirement. They address common questions from pre-retirees and retirees and explain how you can get started with a complimentary financial plan today.

Avoid These Financial Pitfalls for a Better Retirement

Ford Stokes and Sam Davis share some of the most common financial mistakes they encounter when helping people prepare for a successful retirement. We also highlight some common misconceptions in a new edition of “right or wrong”. For More Information & to Check...

Are You Ready for Retirement?

Ford Stokes and Sam Davis share a checklist of six essential steps investors should be taking as they prepare for retirement. Have you met with a fiduciary advisor who can help you reduce risk, taxes and fees? Call Retirement Results now at (770) 685-1777 Schedule...

The Ultimate Tax Guide for 2024: How to Build Tax-Free Wealth

On this episode, Ford Stokes and Sam Davis share some important reminders and valuable insights ahead of Tax Day 2024. Plus, what are America’s seniors loving (and regretting) about their retirement? We share the results of a recent survey and think you'll find it...

Spring Cleaning for Your Money: How to Declutter Your Finances

Ford Stokes and Sam Davis share seven tips to help you take action today and start “spring cleaning” your financial life. Also on this show, pensions are a valuable tool for retirement planning – but do you know what to do if your job doesn’t offer a pension plan? Let...